Know Your Drink: The 6 Types of Whiskey

To understand the different types of whiskey, you have to first understand what distinguishes one type from another. The main differences are the method used in distillation, the ingredients, and the country or region of origin. The preparation period is another major distinction which can affect the grading and the taste of the end product.

  1. Bourbon Whiskey. The United States is the major producer of this spirit. The production of this drink uses the sour mash process and contains more than 51% corn. To be considered straight bourbon, the drink should be aged at least two years.
  2. Tennessee Whiskey. This drink is prepared in the state of Tennessee and follows all the major steps used in the production of Bourbon. The Tennessee whiskey passes through filtered charcoal which makes it different from the other spirits produced in the United States. The most famous variety of Tennessee whiskey is Jack Daniels, which is served at virtually all of the U Street bars.
  3. Rye Whiskey. This drink originated from Canada, but it has spread to other places such as the east coast of the United States. This spirit does not have to be made purely from rye, as it can also include corn. In Canada, as long there is a proportion of rye in the final drink, then you can label the drink as rye whiskey. In the United States, however, federal law demands that the mash must contain at least 51% rye in order to be labeled as American Rye. Just like Bourbon, this drink should also be aged no less than two years to qualify as straight whiskey.
  4. Scotch Whiskey. Scotland is the major producer of this type of drink which is also known as the malt whisky. Malted barley is the primary ingredient of this drink which distills in different pot stills. It is served at Takoda and several other bars in the United States. Due to the different ingredients, it has a very distinct taste compared to the American varieties of whiskey.
  5. Corn Whiskey. For a drink to qualify as corn whiskey, 100% corn must be used in its production.
  6. Blended Whiskey. These types of spirits are produced mainly in Ireland and Scotland. A mixture of malt and grain is used in predetermined proportions to prepare this drink.

A lot of countries are now producing whiskeys that originated in other parts of the world. Even though some whiskeys have been categorized based on the country of origin, what matters most are the ingredients and the mode of production applied in the preparation of the final drink.

The Importance of Microsoft Enterprise Software

In the modern world, any business that wants to do better than others must embrace technology. It is not mandatory to spend a lot of money running business operations when you can use different software to make things not only easy but also fast. Businesses around the world are benefiting greatly from the use the numerous types of software from Microsoft enterprise software. Date storage, marketing, problem solution, forecasting, security and privacy are among the many positives of these software. This has enabled businesses deal with customer needs efficiently.

The internet of things has both massive and smaller solutions to commerce. You can make your entity profitable by integrating it with IOT. This will enable you to control prices to suit the market timely and thus gain more customers. More so data on the go software is a great tool in modern businesses. Movement is critical thus Microsoft looks at identity, management of mobile applications, control of access by users and service visualization among other issues when developing their programs.

One of the most vital things to any organization that wants to increase its productivity is security. Both customers and entrepreneurs are always looking for security of their investment and general transactions. Financial institutions and online stores are the most affected when it comes to security issues. Cyber security is technical to control thus it requires modern software from Microsoft to deal with it effectively. In addition, advertisement is an essential part of any business and this is enabled by Microsoft enterprise software.

In conclusion, entrepreneurs are ever looking for ways to boost their businesses. Microsoft enterprise software is among those things you cannot afford to ignore if at all you want to take your small business to the next level. Dealing with customers is very easy as long as you have the right software for the same.

What’s the Difference Between OEM, Retail, and Discount Software?

If your organization is in need of software, there are several ways through which you can legally obtain it, depending on your organization’s needs and the amount of money that you are willing to spend. The three most common types of software purchases are OEM, retail, and discount software. The difference between the three is described below.


The Original Equipment Manufacturer (abbreviated as OEM) version is one in which the manufacturer or distributor provides custom software for their own products. Hardware manufacturers such as those making laptops, tablets, desktop computers, smart phones, or camcorders will often provide OEM software for free. Note that OEM software may be customized based on the pre-existing features of the gadget (laptop, PC etc). Sometimes this software comes preinstalled on your devices, but often times you can get it on a CD.


This is basically the ‘Box’ version of the software which can be bought from any retail store. Unlike an OEM version, the retail version of a software does not include any special third party licenses. Instead it includes the installation CD/ DVD, a printed user’s guide, and any other accessories that may be needed. Retail software is generally the most expensive of the three options, but it can also be the easiest to find.


Non-profit organizations are often eligible for discounted versions of software. All that that they need to benefit from this is proof of the 501(c)(3) status. In other words, discounted software (as the name suggests) is any software or application that is available to an organization at a reduced price. Many software companies have direct discount programs for certain types of organizations, but don’t overlook third party vendors such as Royal Discount either. Depending on your organization’s needs, there may be a discount program perfect for you.

Other Advice

It’s important to take the time to check out any software to ensure that it suits your needs. There is no point in getting a software program just because it’s available on a discount if you aren’t actually going to use it. Figure out what you hope to get from the software before you go shopping around.

Also, you should ensure that the software program you install (whether it’s OEM or retail or Discounted) works on your hardware before committing to a major purchase. Your technical team should be able to figure that out for you.

You should now understand the differences between OEM, retail, and discount software. Although all three have advantages and disadvantages, you’ll generally get a much better price from OEM and discount software than you will by shopping at a retail store.